Hoppe's Bore Snake

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Product Overview

The Hoppe's bore snake is the easiest 3 step bore cleaner available. It is the fastest bore cleaning accessory on the planet.

The Hoppe's one piece patented bore snake design requires no assembly and is easily maintained by machine or hand washing. It is light and compact and provides up to 25% more scouring power.

One pass loosens large particles and scrubs out the remaining residue with the built in single bronze brush.

The follow through swab action of the bore snake then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160 x larger than a standard patch.

Just add a few drops of Hoppe's NO.9 lubricating oil or Hoppe's Elite and your gun is ready for storage.

Key Features:

  • Fitted single bore brush
  • Compact for easy packing
  • One piece patented design
  • Brushes, swabs and lubricates in one action
  • Brass weighted pull cord is stamped with caliber size
  • The worlds quickest 3 step bore shine available
  • Available for rifles, shotguns and pistols


(No reviews yet) Write a Review